DOES VERMATZAH TASTE DIFFERENT? Vermatzah is like a sophisticated cracker, and some say it tastes delicious – crispy and flavorful; our kids eat it by the handful!  We use the whole grain and bake each Vermatzah quickly by the open flame creating a snappy, full flavor – try it!

DO WE GUARANTEE VERMATZAH WILL BE DELIVERED WHOLE?  Please remember that Vermatzah is fragile!  We carefully  pack Vermatzah by hand one box at a time using bubble wrap and other packing material to create a secure package. The matzah is whole and in good shape when it leaves our bakery, however, we can’t guarantee that all of the matzah will arrive fully intact as shipping is not under our control. If this is a concern please visit one of the stores that carry Vermatzah and buy your matzah locally. All of our sales are final. In an unusual situation, please contact us so we can do our best to help you.


IS VERMATZAH AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND?  No.  Despite many requests, we only bake Vermatzah during the Passover season – usually from February through April.  The rest of the year we’re too busy preparing for the various farmers markets in the  Vermont area where we sell a variety of fresh baked breads.

IS VERMATZAH KOSHER? Vermatzah is Eco-Kosher. However, it is not produced under Rabbinical supervision.  So, the answer is technically no. At Naga Bakehouse we understand Eco-Kosher to mean a broader sense of “good practice” in everyday life that draws on the deep well-springs of Jewish wisdom and tradition about the relationships between human beings and the earth.

WHAT GRAINS DO YOU USE? We grow some of the wheat we use in our Vermatzah right here in Middletown Springs, VT.  We also rely on neighboring farmers who grow delicious, organic grains for us. This includes emmer grain – one of the earliest known agricultural ingredients available. This insures we get the highest quality, local grains, while participating in  a vibrant, sustainable agricultural community in our region.

WHERE CAN I BUY VERMATZAH? Vermatzah is available online here, and at a variety of stores in Vermont, Massachusetts and New York.  View the full list here.